Comprehensive management of your corporate trips

Leading travel center in the corporate sector

At BTC we give you the best service offer for your professional trips, optimizing the process of complex and simple transactions. We are recognized as one of the best leading Travel Center in the sector.

We have great bargaining power with the main suppliers, both in airlines, rental cars, hotel chains and reservation centers.


Agreement with suppliers

BTC is a leading entity in the business travel management sector. Being part of the Avasa management group at the national level allows us to have great bargaining power, in addition to having preferential agreements with the main airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies, among others.

Reservation tool

We have our own reservation tool, this gives us access to an improved search for offers and a large number of negotiated, public and low cost rates, thus benefiting all our clients with the best available offer.

24 hour service

Our services are characterized by their variety and because they adapt at all times to the specific needs of each company, thus offering a personalized service.

* We offer assistance service 24 hours/365 days a year, our own (not external).


We are committed to a sustainable world, after a long work, we have obtained the Biosphere certification this 2023 and we contribute to it through the digitization and automation service of travel management and company expenses.

Our team

At BTC, a corporate travel agency, you will find the efficiency, security and human treatment you need, as well as our team; He has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. We offer a single manager to manage your account, which allows us to know the client's needs very well and be able to adapt to provide a quality service, saving time and money in the management of your business trips.

Payment and reconciliation

We help your administration department to facilitate the work of reconciling travel payment cards, with a single reconciled card, as well as a single monthly invoice with all the expenses for the month.


To improve the efficiency of our services, we have adapted our tools to current technology, thus facilitating the daily management of trips.

SBT-Self Booking Tool

You will be able to save time and money through the reservation processing automation tool, with the integration of your travel policy.

Private customer area

In the customer area you will be able to access your reports, billing data and you will also have access to daily travel consumption data. In addition, you will be able to consult and export your invoices online.